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Next Generation of Electric Motorcycle Design

Collaborative engineering has become more vital now than ever, as companies are learning what they do best and are looking to others to help perfect a product. Brammo, an electric motorcycle company, did just that when they started development on what they hoped would be the fastest electric cycle in the world. Brammo started producing gas-powered, four-wheeled performance vehicles in 2002, but transitioned to electric motorcycles in 2007. The company has since partnered with Parker, an engine systems and technologies designer, to continuously refine their bike, and move to the top of their class with the world's fastest production electric motorcycle.Like many motorsports designers, Brammo uses its racing bikes to test new and innovative designs for production models. Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development for Brammo, explains, “We use this race bike not only as a racing machine, but also as a development platform for Brammo’s technologies. That’s why a partnership with Parker made so much sense; because they were looking to develop a line of motors for traction vehicles and electric vehicles, and we were looking to develop technologies for our electric vehicles.” Brammo raced the new electric bike design at the Isle of Man Race in 2009, where they finished as the top American team. “We then took what we learned and applied it to make an even faster bike.”

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28 Aug
EVDrive dot com @EVDrivedotcom
EVDrive liquid-cooling motor/controller development philosophy reflected on some of it's products... http://t.co/ltlgrYC8O3
28 Aug
Brammo Motorcycles @BrammoSays
Next Generation of Electric #Motorcycle Design http://t.co/A3C9VZOqts via @@PDandD Cc @ParkerHannifin